Merv Carlson

Well, this is pretty cool, I have been meaning to get this up for a while. Seems like there is always something that comes first, but no matter, I am at it now.

I am a Keyword Technology specialist, and even though lot's of folks don't really know what that is, doesn't much matter, I am pretty fair at it. You'll be able to explore a lot of my professional career, business and so forth at my company site, and check out my blog.

Elkhounds are a pretty big deal around our home, my family and I have one of the premier kennels for Elkhounds in Canada, Kamia Kennels is pretty much the top Elkhound kennel you'll find in North America. You can check that out for yourself, we have a pretty extensive website for Kamia Kennels, the access is on the left there.

I live at Sylvan Lake Alberta, born in Vulcan, raised on a mixed farm in Saskatchewan, grew up feeding cows, pigs, sawing lumber, cultivating and stacking bales. It seemed I was always doing one of those things, never ending it seemed at the time.

I have a nice family, my wife Marlene, daughter Ashten, son Jay. No doubt a lucky man. Things are pretty fair around here, we live in a busy part of Alberta, but we have a nice home and place to live, it's quiet up here, so once your off the highway, then you can relax.

Till later,

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